See How Easily You Can Get Rid of Junk

See How Easily You Can Get Rid of Junk

Find out about our professional junk removal services in the Andover & Manchester, CT area

Have you been eyeing that old treadmill and thinking about how hard it will be to carry out of your house and dispose of? Thinking about how you'll get rid of a bedframe that seems difficult to break down? All State Junk and Scrap Removal LLC can help.

Our professional junk removal company can remove all kinds of things from your property in or near Andover & Manchester, CT. Letting us know what to remove is all that you'll have to do. We can handle:

  • Exercise equipment
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Pianos
  • Hot tubs

Nothing is too big, heavy or hard to maneuver for us. Call 860-305-6576 right away for a free estimate on appliance removal services or other services.

Thinking about removing your own junk?

That's a difficult project, and it's one that requires equipment that you might not have. Plus, you could accidentally hurt yourself while handling something heavy. Instead of potentially dropping a washer on your foot, arrange for our appliance removal services today. Professional junk removal will make clearing out junk easy.